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          nada Landlords Association

          vé số kiến thiết bình dương

          The nada Landlords Association is a leading organization for small residential landlords across nada. We provide a unified voice for private landlords and promote and protect residential landlord interests to national and lol government. We provide a unified voice for private landlords and promote and protect landlord interests to national and lol government.

          • Network with top professionals
          • Get advice from experienced landlords
          • Learn how the Landlord and Tenant Board works
          • Meet our recommended partners
          • Take part in landlord activities, social events.
          • A chance to "get involved!"

          Get Help And Support From Successful And Experienced BC Landlords


          Join Our Helpful and Supportive Community For Your Rental Business Success

          BC landlords face a lot of challenges and need to be informed and reful to succeed in the current anti-landlord environment.?

          Join our BC Landlord Community to network with experienced and successful British Columbia landlords.

          Our community is in BC and all across nada with tens of thousands of residential landlords networking and helping each other.

          Join us and join our winning team.

          ?All for a one time fee!

          See the information on our services pages for details.

          Make Your Rental Business Successful and Profitable! (and make sure you rent to great tenants!)

          BC Landlords n Raise the Rent 2.6 % in 2020

          How Much n A Landlord in BC Raise the Rent Next Year?

          British Columbia landlords n raise the rent by up to 2.6% in 2020.

          How Does That Compare with 2019?

          In 2019 the maximum allowable increase was 2.5%.

          How is the Rent Increase Guideline lculated?

          The rate is based on inflation. Unlike in past years only the inflation rate is used.

          How Does This Compare to Other Provinces?

          In Ontario, landlords are faced with the 2020 rent increase being pped at 2.2%

          How Do I Give My Tenants Notice I’m Going to Raise the Rent?

          Rent increase documents are available from government Residential Tenancy Branch here

          What Does the BCLA Recommend Landlords Due Regarding the Rent Increase Guideline for 2020?

          We recommend BC landlords raise the rent the maximum amount of 2.6% in 2020.

          Fire Safety mpaign For BC Landlords 2019-2020!

          fire safety mpaign

          We Want Every Private Residential Landlord in BC To Make Sure Your Rental Property is “Fire Safe” to Protect Your Tenants in 2019-2020!

          BC landlords know the importance of renting out nice rental units. After all, if you were a tenant you would want to rent a nice and clean property. There are lots of great tenants out there and they are seeking professional landlords who make sure their rental property looks to be in top notch condition.

          Experienced BC landlords know that beauty is only step one when you rent out your property.? You also need to make sure your rental property is safe and you know the rules for safety!

          These landlords know how to avoid the ‘bad tenants’ out there as you n see from Landlords in BC – Top 5 Tenant Screening Mistakes, and know good landlords who find good tenants take the time to edute ourselves on the laws of the province and provide safe housing to tenants.

          Fire safety is a huge issue. It’s vitally important small residential landlords make sure their rental property is safe and legal.

          In order to help BC residential landlords we contacted the very helpful Stephen Watt. He’s the Codes and Standards Coordinator for the Office of the Fire Commissioner, Emergency Management B.C.

          We truly appreciate the time Officer Watt spent to help us edute residential BC landlords.

          1. What are the responsibilities of private residential landlords when it comes to fire safety?

          The owner or owners authorized agent is required to rry out the provisions of the BCFC.

          2. What are the rules for rental properties regarding making their property fire safe? Are there general guidelines or specific rules? Where n these be found for landlords to learn to make their rentals safe for tenants?

          The requirement is to maintain the existing life safety systems installed in the building in working condition as per the original approved (by lol building official) design.

          Smoke alarms are required (as per Bulletin Smoke Alarm Bulletin – 2012 07 16 (Revised 2013 12 13)

          3. Are these rules the same in all of the province?

          Yes, in all areas under provincial jurisdiction. The City of Vancouver has similar requirements.

          4. What are the rules for landlords when it comes to smoke alarms?

          See Smoke Alarm Bulletin – 2012 07 16 (Revised 2013 12 13)

          5. What are the rules for landlords when it comes to rbon monoxide alarms?

          If they are installed they are to be maintained in working condition as per manufacturer’s instructions.

          6. Regarding enforcement of the laws, what type of fines n landlords face if they are not following the laws?

          See http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/96144_01#section45

          Offence by owner or occupier

          45 (1) An owner or occupier of a building or premises who fails to comply with an order made under this Act commits an offence.

          (2) A person who commits an offence under subsection (1) is liable on conviction to the penalties provided in the Offence Act.

          (3) In the se of a continuing offence, a person who commits the offence is liable to a further penalty of not more than $50 for each day during which the offence continues.

          7. What n tenants do if they worry their rental home isn’t fire safe?

          The OFC n be lled at 1-888-988-9488

          The lol fire department n also be lled

          8. What happens if a tenant disables a smoke alarm? n they be fined?

          No the tenant nnot be fined; however, a compliance Order n be written against the owner to install a working smoke alarm.

          9. Are there any great resources you recommend for residential landlords to learn more about their responsibilities when it comes to fire safety?

          The OFC Bulletins, the Fire Services Act, and the BCFC

          ? Public Edution Bulletins – http://www.embc.gov.bc.ca/ofc/public-ed/index.htm

          Houses used for Boarders, Lodgers and Roomers – 2005 12 20
          Smoke Alarm Bulletin – 2012 07 16 (Revised 2013 12 13)
          Consent to Enter a Private Dwelling – 2014 05 15

          ? Fire Safety Legislation

          The Office of the Fire Commissioner administers the Fire Services Act and the BC Fire Code. Under this legislative authority, the Office appoints and trains lol assistants to the fire commissioner (LAFC), implements fire safety regulations, processes technil code changes and resolves appeals.

          Fire Services Act
          2012 BC Building Code and 2012 BC Fire Code

          10. How n small private residential landlords go the extra mile to make their rental property ultra safe for their tenants.

          ? Owners must maintain the existing life safety systems as per original approved building design.

          ? Provide additional battery operated smoke alarms in bedrooms , as smoke alarms in bedrooms are now required in all new dwellings unit built/constructed under the 2012 BC Building Code

          ? Provide tenants with OFC Bulletins and familiarization with the life safety system installed in the building, as part of fire safety planning.

          BC Landlords make the extra effort to make sure your BC rental property is safe for your tenants.

          BC LANDLORD PROTECTION Membership Is Now Available!

          BC Landlord Protection Header

          In These Challenging Times We Have Created A New Level Of Membership To Help BC Landlords Succeed

          PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP Provides You With Tools & Services To Succeed For A ONE-TIME FEE

          Landlords across the province know there are a lot of great renters out there. These are people who pay the rent on time and respect you and your rental property. They follow the rules and treat the rental like it’s their own home.

          When you rent to these types of tenants being a landlord is a nice and often profitable experience. Being a BC landlord n be an exciting and profitable business.

          Sure there are always stories of landlords facing problems in British Columbia.? But long term veterans know that if you have a professional tenant screening system and a strong network to assist you if any problems with tenants arise being a landlord n be fulfilling business investment. However, these same experienced landlords know we face new challenges.

          BC Landlords Face A Lot of New Challenges

          New landlords already know that one of the biggest challenges is the price just to buy your investment property.? We have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a nice and attractive rental that good tenants are looking for.

          With these types of prices we need to make sure we rent to tenants who pay on time and don’t make any damages. And while there are lots of great tenants out there, if you aren’t reful you get burned.

          A Vancouver landlord was forced to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page after a tenant turned his rental condo into “brothel/ prostitute ring” and trashed his property.

          BC landlords also face a lot of new rules such as the “vancy tax” and more. What’s troubling is things that hard working landlords know are important for our success, such as allowing for fixed term leases, are being changed and it’s unfair.

          We also have a new rent guideline formula.? For years we were allowed to raise the rent on existing tenants by the rate of inflation, plus an extra 2%.? So the rent increase guideline for 2019 was originally announce at 4.5%.

          However, now the guideline has been changed and it’s only 2.5%.? Experienced landlords know our costs are going up and 2.5% is too low.

          The list goes on and on (including legal marijuana) with one common theme: more rights for bad tenants and less rights for good landlords.

          It’s why BC landlords need to network and help each other like never before.

          A New Level Of Membership: BC LANDLORD PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP

          With all these new challenges our BC team of landlords has come up with PROTECTION Membership to help landlords succeed.?


          We’re landlords too and have “skin in the game” and are not bureaucrats getting a salary to ineffectively “defend landlord interests” with many false facts.? We know how important it is for landlords to protect ourselves and our rental properties!

          For only an affordable one-time registration fee (no yearly fee) BC landlords get access to a ton of amazing tools and services that n’t be beat. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

          BC Landlord Rental Kit

          Get access to applitions, notices and everything you need in our online library available to you 24/7.

          Access To The Forums, Including the Private Members Forum Not Seen By The General Public

          Network with other BC landlords and property managers as well as experienced landlords from across nada to help you and your rental business succeed. In our Private Members Forum posts are not available to the general public and everyone is a verified landlord

          Discounts on Premium Credit Checks

          Get huge discounts on premium credit checks. We have partnered with Rent Check. They have over 40 years of experience in the industry and their checks PROTECT YOU FROM POTENTIAL COMPLAINTS TO THE PRIVACY COMMISSIONER AND THE HUMAN RIGHTS BUREAU. Rent Check is no intrusive and for only $9.99 you protect yourself.

          Criminal Checks To Add To Your Tenant Screening System

          We now offer low cost criminal checks to make sure you protect your rental property.

          Insurance Discounts

          Get access to great insurance products for a big discount

          Property Management Software

          Manage your rentals the right way with discounts on terrific property management software.

          Become a BC Landlord PROTECTION Member and Get Amazing Tools and Services To Help Your Rental Business Succeed and Make Profits!

          All for a one-time registration fee!? We help landlords beuse we’re landlords too!

          BC Landlord Forum To Help British Columbia Landlords Succeed!

          Landlords EXPERT forum banner

          Got Questions? Looking for Help? Want to Network With Other BC Landlords?

          Join The BC Landlord Forum And Network With Thousands of Experienced and Successful Landlords Who n Help You and Your Rental Business Succeed!

          BC landlords know that it’s more important then ever before to make sure you find good tenants.? And even when you find good tenants you need to know how to deal with any problems or situations that come up.? And deal with them professionally and effectively to protect your rental business.

          BC Landlords Face Challenges

          There have been a lot of changes for BC landlords recently.? For example, we now face challenges such as the “vancy tax” which has put a big strain on many landlords to rent out their properties while seeming not even achieving the goals of the program.? The good news is there are lots of great tenants out there and if you market your property correctly you will attract these tenants.?

          What Is a Good Tenant?

          These are people who will treat you and your rental property with respect

          1. Pay Rent On Time

          Small landlords have to pay their mortgages every month and we need to get the rent on time. Good tenants make sure paying the rent when it’s due is a priority!

          2. Don’t Damage The Rental Property

          We all know how expensive it is to hire contractors these days. And fixing holes in drywall, cleaning rpets or other flooring n lead up to huge extra costs.? Good tenants treat the rental property like their own.

          3. Respect Other Tenants

          For those of us who own multi-unit rentals we know that “tenant vs. tenant” issues n be stressful and expensive. Good tenants cooperate and get along with other tenants.

          4. Follow the Lease Rules

          Good tenants follow the lease rules you have set up. For example, they follow rules on things like parking and give proper notice when they decide to move out and keep the rental clean to give you the opportunity to find your next tenants (and cover your mortgage!)

          5. Good Tenants Respect You, Their Landlord

          We keep hearing about some renters who believe their landlords are making huge profits and getting rich just by being a landlord.? Good tenants respect and appreciate their landlord who is providing them with a nice rental property.

          Where n BC Landlords Go If You Need Some Advice, Some Help Or Just Want To Network?

          Join the BC Landlord Forum!

          With all the challenges BC landlords are facing our team of experienced and success landlords decided to make sure our popular and influential forum is accessible to BC landlords.?

          For only a one-time fee you n now get a ton of great tools and services to help your rental business succeed….including access to the Landlord Expert Forum filled with thousands of BC landlords and even more experienced landlords and property managers across nada!

          BC Landlords Need to Help Other Succeed

          By working together we n help each other face challenges and overcome them. If you have a problem, another experienced and successful landlord has faced it before and succeed and n give you advice. If someone has a problem you have faced before you n help them.?

          We also face some big issues in 2019!? For example, how are we going to handle tenants who smoke and grow marijuana when it is legal?

          ?BC Landlords Forum – Landlords Helping Landlords

          This is a great place to share tips and advice.? You’ve got a ton of Alberta landlords and also experienced and successful landlords from all across nada who are united to help each other succeed by renting to good tenants and avoiding the pros.

          Welcome To Our Huge BC Landlord Community and Welcome to the BC Landlord Forum!

          BC Landlords n Raise the Rent 2.5% In 2019 (Not 4.5%)

          bc landlord rent increase guideline for 2019

          The BC Annual Rent Guideline Formula Has Changed. It Is Now “Inflation Rate Only”

          The? BC government has made a signifint change in the way residential landlords n raise the rent for existing tenants.

          Previously, landlords could raise the rent by the inflation rate + 2%.? Thus, the 2019 rent increase guideline used to be 4.5% but no longer.?

          Things have changed and the new allowable rent increase guideline is 2.5%.? This is a big challenge for small landlords who are already struggling to keep up with rising costs.?

          These costs are often not included in the standard formula to come up with the ‘inflation rate.’? The added 2% helped protect landlords from rising costs of contractors, taxes, and many other items. It was even viewed a fair model for raising rents in other provinces looking to improve their rental industries.

          BC landlords make sure you know the new rules.? It’s more important then ever before to make sure you find good tenants.?

          And even when you find good tenants you need to know how to deal with any problems or situations that might occur as it will be more difficult now to keep up with rising costs.

          B.C. maximum allowable rent increase for 2019 is 4.5%

          BC landlord rent increase 2019

          This is the largest rent increase since 2004

          Successful BC landlords know how important it is to raise your rents every year.? With inflation and rising costs if you don’t raise the rent you n quickly fall into the trap of not only losing your sh-flow but even being sh-flow negative! Losing money every month n be a stressful and sry experience!

          Many landlords across British Columbia were worried this year the rent guideline would be very low.?

          After all, BC landlords are facing a lot of challenges these days. For many of us, it feels like investing in real estate, creating jobs and great rental properties is a ‘bad thing’ in BC.

          Many landlords are even thinking of investing outside of BC now.

          The good news is the rent increase guideline for 2019 is very fair. The BC government has set the maximum allowable rent increase at 4.5% in 2019.? It was only 4% for 2018.

          This is the biggest increase since 2004 (When it was pped at 4.6%). Alberta landlords n raise the rent as much as the market n bear each year with property notice.?

          Many Ontario landlords are furious that despite the same type of inflation and rising costs as we have in BC they n only raise the rent by 1.8% in 2019.

          BC Landlord Landlord Rent Increase Guideline 2019

          BC landlords you n raise the rent 4.5% in 2019.? According to the CBC this has many BC tenants angry but this is a great step by the gov’t to help us small landlords succeed (and not sell and invest in friendlier markets).

          BC Landlords Speak Out: “There Are Lots of Good Renters Out There, But You Need To Screen refully These Days!”

          BC landlords tenant screening british columbia landlords

          BC Landlords Speak Out: “There Are Lots of Good Renters Out There, But You Need To Screen refully These Days!”

          As part of our “Let’s Improve the British Columbia Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we n make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the BC Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communition between landlords and tenants we n improve the BC rental industry. Landlords and tenants n share your thoughts and opinions by emailing us at landlordtenantsolutions@groupmail.com

          BC Landlords Need To Make Tenant Screening a Priority To Find Good Tenants and Avoid the “Pros” Out There

          I keep hearing about how bad things are for renters these days.? Sure, it’s never been easy as a renter.? I rented for years and know this from first hand experience.? During my student days in the early 90’s rent was already high considering what students could save during summer jobs. Unlike many people at the time I couldn’t get a loan at the Bank of Mom and Dad beuse said after age 18 people should be self-dependent.

          Some Of The Current Tenant Issues I Keep Reading About And My Take As A Former Renter and New Landlord

          Here’s what I think of the current issues that are all over the news and the radio talk shows. Hey, I rented for years and don’t belittle anyone having problems with their landlord or their rental. The thing is we need more “balance” in the discussion .

          1. Pets

          This has been a big issue over the past few weeks with talks we will copy the Ontario rental model where landlords n’t legally refuse tenants just beuse they have a pet. Sounds good but as a landlord I have to be very reful of my costs and pets n lead to extra costs. They n also lead to headaches if they bark or whatever early in the morning or crap in the area.? It’s just something to consider.

          2. Fixed Term Lease “Loophole”

          We need to get some balance on this. I’m sure some rich overseas landlords were raising the rent by $1000’s of dollars at the end of a lease but not all of us are rich overseas landlords! Most of us are like me and want to keep good tenants renting from us so we don’t even raise the rent.? There is some interesting information how this BC landlord and tenant loophole me to be but for most of us it just doesn’t apply

          3. Rents Are Too High

          Again not all of us are rich overseas investors with luxury Vancouver rentals in prime time areas. Many of us have saved to buy a rental and we only charge rents what people n afford and what we need to charge just to cover our mortgages, fees, taxes and the rest. Many of us small landlords are struggling and you need to keep us separate from the rich fat ts.

          Help For BC Landlords – Screen Your Tenants refully!

          The good news for people wanting to become small landlords is there are a lot of good renters around. I think this is beuse we have people coming from Alberta where the economy is in a downturn and Alberta landlords are suffering. And prices are really high in British Columbia so a lot of people are renting and saving up for a deposit.?

          Be reful Who You Rent To And Run A Credit Check

          I have some good renters now who I just signed a lease with in September after the last couple moved out. When I was advertising there were a lot of very aggressive people applying who seemed to be winners. But many didn’t have references and when I ran a credit check I saw they had screwed over a lot of people and owed a lot of money.

          Be reful beuse one bad tenant n really be a nightmare and cost you a ton of money.

          What Does a Credit? Check Show You That Is Helpful For A Small Landlord Who Wants To Rent To Excellent Tenants?

          First of all it shows you a ‘credit score’ from Equifax nada.

          This is very helpful beuse it’s a good way to see if people are financially responsible. A low score shows they don’t pay their bills on time, or at all! They might have ripped off Rogers or Bell but they also might have ripped of lots of small landlords too.

          BC Landlords Be reful and Run A Credit Check

          I joined the BCLA and am running checks for ten bucks and one-time fee, no annual fee!

          It’s a great deal and with good tenant screening you n make sure you find the real good tenants and avoid the professional smmers out there who will bleed you dry.

          How Much n BC Landlords Raise the Rent in 2018?

          bc landlord rent increase guideline for 2018

          B.C. Landlords n Raise the Rent 4% in 2018

          With low vancy rates throughout British Columbia it’s important to encourage more people to become landlords.?

          When more good people are motivated to invest their hard earned savings into creating secondary suites in their homes or buying an investment condo it helps tenants.? More landlords means more supply of high quality rental housing and gives tenants more options in finding a nice place to live.

          Landlords Are Running a Business and Need To Keep Up With Increasing Costs

          One of the biggest challenges we hear from small residential landlords across B.C. is that their cost keep increasing each year. The reality is it’s becoming more expensive to create safe and well maintained rental units that service-oriented landlords provide.

          Successful Landlords Know the Importance of Maintaining Their Rental Property

          Keep your property up n be expensive. Some repairs are urgent and obvious. The furnace might break. A toilet might need to be replaced. A fence might need to be repaired.? A tree might need cutting down.

          Other improvements might be upgrades to keep your current tenants happy or to make the property attractive to new prospective renters. This could mean new paint, new stairs, and lots of other expenses.

          This is why BC landlords know it’s important to raise the rent each year. Especially as lots of new restrictive rule changes coming for landlords in BC.

          How Much n British Columbia Landlords Raise The Rent In 2018?

          Annual rent increases are an important part of running a successful rental business. In 2018 small residential landlords n raise the rent by a maximum of 4%

          Why only 4%? My Costs Are Much Higher Than That!

          In British Columbia the allowable rent increase is based on inflation plus 2 percent.

          According to the BC Residential Tenancy Act website:

          Annual rent increase

          22?(1)? In this section, “inflation rate” means the 12 month average percent change in the all-items Consumer Price Index for British Columbia ending in the July that is most recently available for the lendar year for which a rent increase takes effect.

          (2)? For the purposes of section 43 (1) (a) of the Act [amount of rent increase], a landlord may impose a rent increase that is no greater than the percentage amount lculated as follows:

          percentage amount = inflation rate + 2%

          Are Tenants Aware of The Challenges Small Landlords Face?

          The good news is that most tenants are aware of the challenges small landlords face in running our rental businesses. The price of gas goes up, the price of utilities, the price of groceries.?

          Rent isn’t something special…it also need to go up to cover costs. Small landlords are not immune to rising costs.

          Of course there are people out there who think all landlords are billion dollar corporations with unlimited funds.?

          The reality is the typil BC landlord is someone who has a regular job and is hoping to make a good investment or create a secondary suite to help them cover their mortgage.

          The CBC reports some tenants believe the rent increase is gouging tenants and there should be a “rent freeze.

          How Does The 2018 Guideline Compare to Previous Years?

          Last year it was 3.7%.? In 2012 the increase was higher at 4.3%

          How Does The BC Rent Increase Guideline Compare to Other Provinces??

          Ontario landlords n only raise the rent by 1.8% in 2018. So compared to them we are doing okay.?

          However, Alberta landlords don’t have rent control and n raise the rent as much as the market n bear (as long as they provide property notice, etc.)

          BC Landlords Are You Going To Raise the Rent in 2018?

          Experienced and successful landlords across British Columbia know that it’s important for landlords to raise the rent according to the guideline each year.

          Good tenants demand attractive and well-maintained properties and you need to be charging rents that allow you to offer what good tenants want. In order to keep your property great for tenants and also make sure you are running a profitable business it’s important to raise the rent in 2018.

          BC Landlords Speak Out: “It’s My Property And If I Don’t Want To Rent To Tenants With Pets That’s My Right!”

          bc landlords no pets

          Landlords Speak Out And Submit Their Experiences Regarding Changes in BC Rental Laws

          As part of our “Let’s Improve the British Columbia Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we n make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the BC Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communition between landlords and tenants we n improve the BC rental industry. Landlords and tenants n share your thoughts and opinions by emailing us at landlordtenantsolutions@groupmail.com

          BC Landlords Speak Out:? It’s My Property And If I Don’t Want To Rent To Tenants With Pets That’s My Right!

          This is my first contribution here and hope is will help fix this crazy debate about making “no pets” illegal for landlords in British Columbia.

          First of all I will disclose that I am a businessWOMAN and a Feminist who has had to fight hard in our patriarchal system to just get to where I am now. After dedes of facing male bullying, much of it under the guise of “we have no choice” rhetoric what is happening to landlords in BC this year is just more of the same. Bullying under the guise of “fairness” or whatever. It’s all coded and those who want to destroy our property rights are just using rhetoric.

          This whole issue is not about pets at all, it’s about property rights. I am the one who saved for years to afford to buy a rental in the hopes it will help me in my retirement. I’m not a government bureaucrat with a gold plated pension. As a small business person I won’t get anything from the government when I retire and have to make wise investments to protect myself.

          Poverty Rates For Women Over 60 Are Higher Than For Men

          bc landlords womens rights povery over 60

          As a woman and a Feminist soon to be in retirement age it’s especially frightening what n happen if I don’t invest and save wisely. My rental property is a key tool for me to survive.

          Pets Are Being Weaponized As A Way To Take Away My Rights

          As a woman I’ve seen this types of mpaigns before. These type of “moral” arguements were common in the 1970s when a woman’s right to an abortion was framed as ‘evil’ even if the woman was raped!

          I Don’t Want To Rent To Tenants With Pets, And It’s My Right To Make That Decision!

          With the recent decision to basilly end fixed term leases it looks like the “social justice warriors” and the “millennial who want everything for free” are dead set to use the “pet issue” as a tool to continue to take away property rights. They are using the tactics of communist agitator Saul Alinksy to tug at the public heartstrings instead of showing the real issue at hand.

          For example, you n see Saul Alinsky’s Rule #11

          This person was a notorious commie who influenced people like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama!? Alinksky wrote:

          Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

          Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread blame.

          Why I Don’t Want Pets?

          Am I heartless? Am I some evil Trump-like entity who want to put animals to slaughter and I profit beuse I own the slaughterhouse?Am I just a bad person?

          No, no, no.? I’m a working grandmother who was a single mom and worked damn hard to get to a point where I n take re of myself and help my daughter who went married an abusive alcoholic and has successfully brought up three excellent children with my financial help.

          bc landlords womens rights poverty

          As A Landlord and a Woman Let Me Run My Rental Business As I See Fit And Don’t? Tell Me What I “Must Do!”

          There are many reasons for me to refuse to rent to renters with pets.? There is no need for me to explain this or justify my actions. My whole purpose is to help me, my daughter, and my grandchildren from the type of poverty so many women and girls face in our society.? My actions and decisions as a landlord are business decisions for the property I have invested in and I own.

          No Pet Clauses Are All About Big Brother (Men) Telling The Rest of What To Do (and threatening us if we disagree)

          If the male social justice warriors really re about pets (which I am highly suspicious of) they should lobby the government to provide more government house that accepts pets.

          bc landlords pets

          The Push For “Pet Rights” Is BS. If The Push For “It’s Illegal To Refuse Pets” Really red They Would Demand This in Government Housing (and lobby the gov’t to build this type of housing!)

          Don’t try to take away my property rights with your Saul Alinsky tactic of saying “oh, all the pets are abandoned beuse of private landlords.” We all know this is simply bullsh*t and if you really red about pets you would be lobbying the government to invest in pet friendly housing and not trying to take away our landlord property rights.

          Fellow BC Landlords Need to Fight Back

          I worked hard to invest in my rental property and we need to fight back against the male communist millennials who want to take over our every thing we own and tell us what to do.? The male elite continue to use debatable issues such as “low vancy” and “pets” as an emotional cover to take away the property rights of hard working people who have invested in rental property in British Columbia. Just say no.

          Actually, with all the bullying all landlords must yell out “NO!”.

          BC Landlords and BC Tenants Working Together in 2018

          t 3

          We Invite BC Tenants To Join Us In An Important Conversation On How To Improve the BC Rental Industry

          An amazing group known as OK Pets BC has worked hard to get an important message out about tenants and pets.? Thanks to the hard work of OK Pets BC it’s become known that in British Columbia many tenants are having to give up a family member (their pet) just to rent an apartment.

          According to OK Pets BC our province of British Columbia has a huge shortage of rental housing that is open to tenants with pets. In BC lease terms such as “no pets” are legal and n discriminate against pet owners.

          Dogs and ts Are Being Abandoned Beuse of No Pet Lease Terms?

          This is a question many small British Columbia landlords asked us when we informed them about what OK Pets BC told us.

          The answer is Yes. The British Columbia SP says that thousands of animals were turned into shelters beuse of no pet policies by landlords. That’s an average of about five pets per day! It also doesn’t count all the pets dropped off at non SP lotions.

          Small BC Landlords Were Unaware of This and Many Are Really, Really Angry

          In British Columbia landlords n charge a two week damage deposit if tenants have pets. So why do many landlords still refuse applints who admit they have pets?? We n hear the most radil activists should “Landlords Hate Animals!” and “Landlords Just Want To Abuse The Powerful Position They Have”.

          We asked this in our BC Landlord forum and there was a terrific discussion and lots of important information and debate. Do BC landlords hate animals? Nope. Do BC landlords in our community want to abuse some mysterious position they are in (as they pay their mortgages every month).

          As part of the discussion a Surrey landlord wrote something was a bit of bombshell of knowledge:

          People who are blaming tenants or blaming landlords don’t get it. The reality is most of us small BC landlords don’t have anything against dogs, ts, gerbils, snakes, chipmunks or pet owning tenants. The problem is the two week deposit equivalent of rent is too low and won’t cover our costs if the pets do damages. If the BC residential tenancy act was changed to allow for a larger deposit many of us small BC landlords would be happy to rent to good tenants with pets!!?

          A Vancouver landlord replied:

          I agree with you! Pet owning renters are a huge market and I could just make sure any potential pee stains or chewed furnitures or whatever would be covered who would ignore his huge demographic?

          A Tenant Renting In Vancouver Joined the Discussion

          So this is all about damages? Is that the real issue beuse the way it has portrayed is evil and nasty landlords being nearly satanic in how they screen tenants! I thought some landlords just hated animals!

          Issues n Be Resolved By Mature Discussion and Mediation Not Confrontation

          This is just another example of how BC tenants and BC landlords are not communiting with each other. And when they do begin to speak directly to each other good things and bright ideas happen.

          We Want BC Tenants To Communite and Cooperate With Us To Make Fix These “Fixable” Issues

          Let’s be realistic. Good landlords are looking to rent to good tenants and good tenants want to rent from good landlords. So let’s work together. We are inviting good Alberta tenants to join us in the following pacities:

          1. Share Your Stories and Opinions With Us

          By sharing your experiences and ideas you n help other tenants, landlords and edute people and play a role in improving the Alberta rental industry.

          2. Become A Tenant Community Leader for the BC Tenant Forum

          We are looking for 5-10 experienced BC tenants to help run our Tenant forum and make it as helpful as possible for other BC tenants to learn from.? As Tenant Community Leader who will be able to invite other verified tenants to join our forum to help edute the community.

          3. Provide Us With Your Ideas for Policy Changes

          Do you think some things need to change? Share your policy ideas with us.

          BC Landlords and Tenants in our BC Rental Community

          Let’s work together in 2018 for our mutual success. Let’s improve the rental industry and play a role in forming new policies. We invite tenants to join our community. If you are interested please email us at?tenantexperiences@groupmail.com by January 15, 2018. Make sure you let us know about you and your renting experience and how you want to help (please note only those accepted with receive a reply).

          Update on January 15, 2018

          Thank you for the overwhelming response of Tenants across British Columbia! We now have filled the available positions for BC Tenant Community leaders. Keep watching for our next recruitment drive!

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